Cauliflower Wings with Cucumbers

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  • 30  grams breadcrumbs
  • cauliflower 
    Foodwaste tip

    Cauliflower stems and other parts left over after cutting off the florets are ideal for soups. Check out our cauliflower soup recipes for ideas.

    Cauliflower soup recipes
  • cucumber
  • egg 
    Egg colour

    The colour of an egg is determined by the chicken's genetic background. The colour of a hen's earlobes (not the colour of the feathers) give an indication of the colour of the hen's eggs. Both white and brown eggs have identical taste and nutritional values.

    Foodwaste tip

    Eggs can easily be kept 1 week beyond the "Best by" date if they are stored in the fridge (a constant temperature is important). Use the egg test in the video below to find out whether an egg is still good for consumption.

    Watch the Egg Test
  • tablespoon honey
  • 30  millilitres ketchup
  • grams paprika powder
  • teaspoon salt
  • tablespoons wheat flour
  • 50  millilitres whole milk

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