What’s Gourmagine?

Cooking should be an exciting experience! We help you bring the excitement back into choosing, cooking and eating tasty dishes. A selection of authentic and memorable recipes is available to fit your situations. Fascinating and practical information on the ingredients, dishes and instructions are at your fingertips throughout the process. And all of this is embedded in a website that simply works – smooth navigation, interactive step-by-step guidance, practical timers.

Gourmagine recipes help you turn great ingredients into even better dishes. Try it and you’ll see how convenient it is!

Why Gourmagine?

We want a recipe site that helps you not only to cook but also to keep your conscience clear. We support local businesses and their products, provide you with more transparency on sustainability aspects of recipes (what is in-season and can be produced locally) and encourage healthy eating with balanced recipes.

Who is behind Gourmagine?

We, Samuel and Thomas, met a few years ago when we both supported a cooking startup. Our vision to make cooking easier for everyone hasn't changed since those days and we want to combine it with our passion for sustainable & local products and our experiences supporting small businesses. This led to the idea of Gourmagine, which we want to implement together with the team from DigiMeals and many voluntary supporters. A big thank you to all those helping us!

From where is the content?

Our recipes should be authentic. Therefore, they come from food bloggers, chefs, nutritionists and, of course, from the food producers, vendors or developers themselves. Information on the ingredients (which you can for example find in the channels) is sourced from books (yes, real books!) and info materials of associations. Data on the seasonality and local production of ingredients comes from various sources, you can find more details on that topic on our page about local ingredients.